Terra of Heaven

where the magic happens

Terra of heaven

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terra of heaven

expand love and free your soul

Terra of Heaven

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About the brand


Forged under the warm Mediterranean sun and touched by the Baltic freshness, Terra of Heaven is a brand of bohemian and eclectic style women's clothing. We are a company created and owned by two Estonian families, closely connected to Spanish mediterranean coast, Costa Blanca. Terra of Heaven was created with its main objective of empowering women around the world through free expression and its wonderful creative ability by combining styles of different cultural backgrounds by the way they dress, conceiving it as an artistic expression to enhance their beauty.


In addition to selling clothes of the highest standards and a caring Customer Service, our project seeks to create a community in which you feel at home and share your fascinating life experiences, as well as share your projects and supporting handmade art and craft. 



Welcome to Terra of Heaven, where the magic happens...