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About the brand


Forged under the warm Mediterranean sun and touched by the Baltic freshness, Terra of Heaven is a brand of bohemian and eclectic style women's clothing. We are a company created and owned by two Estonian families, closely connected to Spanish mediterranean coast, Costa Blanca. Terra of Heaven was created with its main objective of empowering women around the world through free expression and its wonderful creative ability by combining styles of different cultural backgrounds by the way they dress, conceiving it as an artistic expression to enhance their beauty.


In addition to selling clothes of the highest standards and a caring Customer Service, our project seeks to create a community in which you feel at home and share your fascinating life experiences, as well as share your projects and supporting handmade art and craft. 



Welcome to Terra of Heaven, where the magic happens...

Boho-chic clothing that feels good

Now that instant fashion and throwaway attitudes are everywhere, Terra of Heaven is committed to bringing the focus back to comfort and ease of wear instead of worrying about conforming to fleeting trends. We create a story written by several generations of designers over the years. This story is focused on exploring and encapsulating the magic of bohemian clothes that can make you happy and relaxed in an instant.

Terra of Heaven is inspired by the boho-chic style, which revels in fluidity and freedom, the colors and patterns of the natural world, and different cultural influences. That’s why it is universally appealing and never goes out of fashion. 

Our boho collections bring in an artsy-modern vibe with a charming nostalgic touch, as boho takes design cues from vintage and hippie clothing. The result is that you can wear a piece of beauty, sexiness, and confidence that comes from within.

‘Looking amazing while staying comfortable’ is the essence of the boho style integrated into the Terra of Heaven brand. It is embodied in every garment we create and bring here for sale.

Discover the sophistication of bohemian-chic at our store

At Terra of Heaven, we treasure the intricate relationship of design and craftsmanship that has been lost to mass production and aggressive marketing. It’s a deeply ingrained value, like expressing love through clothes and creating one-of-a-kind looks. 

When searching for pieces that would be in touch with your inner vagabond and creative spirit, you’ll find them at our boho clothing store. These timeless, cozy, and feminine garments are designed with simplicity and wearability in mind to bring you the joy of:

  • Owning who you are
  • Being your most beautiful self
  • Going through your days with comfort 

When you want a style that touches on traditional, nostalgic, and modern but retains the authenticity of an ethereal in-between, our boho-chic clothing is the best choice. It can instantly add energy and flow to any wardrobe and fit right in. It is flattering to any body type and easily adapts to any setting. 

Think maxi dresses, flowy pants, ruffles, breathable fabrics, and easygoing styles that have a silhouette-enhancing effect without feeling tight or restrictive.

Buy boho clothing online to celebrate freedom of movement and self-expression

The most underrated benefit of boho short dresses, bottoms, and other pieces is their immense mix-and-match potential. No other style can combine layered colors, prints, or textures so they look effortlessly cohesive, adding visual interest and personality to outfits. 

With our collections, layering can be both a practical and complementary element:

  • An extra level of comfort when the weather is unpredictable
  • Elevating your boho look with clothing you already have
  • Varying your outfits daily or creating a wardrobe capsule to avoid overstuffed closets

Ready to rock this carefree and incredibly versatile style while playing with texture, mixing, and layering to your heart’s content? Explore Terra of Heaven collections of boho apparel! Style them into your everyday outfits to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable look.