Bohemian sets: Clothing for breezy-warm weather looks

Absorb carefree summer vibes with Terra of Heaven’s ready-to-wear looks. Explore billowing tops paired with maxi skirts or wide-leg pants for a sophisticated boho style. Every airy bohemian 2-piece set invites you to embrace the blissful sensation of sunshine, leisure, and freedom that defines summer.

This collection is inspired by the vibrancy of the Mediterranean and Baltic cultures and aims to provide a wearing experience that whisks you away to distant shores. From the moment you place your order to when you discover your new set, shopping with Terra of Heaven is meant to be an escape into wanderlust.

The most sophisticated Boho clothing sets

Our fashion ensembles allow you to get others to notice you. Their fluttering lines and mild colors evoke a sense of whimsicality and playfulness, a combo that always puts you in the spotlight. This combo is harder to achieve by pairing individual pieces. A boho matching set takes the guesswork out of getting dressed with items designed to create a cohesive head-to-toe look with minimal fuss.

For a dashing fashionista, our sets inspire dreams of golden sunsets and moonlit adventures as they:

  • • Impart a polished look. These duos radiate perfection that is the hallmark of a refined yet relaxed sense of style. The cuts, hues, and quality materials let you achieve a harmonious look without seeming overmatched.

  • • Exude femininity. Are you looking to inject femininity into your everyday style or summer travel wardrobe? Our bohemian two-piece sets have tempting silhouettes in soft, breathable fabrics that accentuate your best features.

  • • Create a vacation vibe. Their pastels and ethereal textures bring whispers of palm trees and sun-drenched shores to your mind. Throw on your favorite pair and dash out for a spontaneous beach trip or sunset stroll.

  • • Boast versatility and practicality. While feminine and flirty, our garments are also highly functional. Our two-piece bohemian sets work as well for a beach day as for a night out – simply swap sandals for heels.

Available in small and extra-large sizes, Terra of Heaven’s sets are put together to pamper a range of body types. Their loose, sweeping lines drape comfortably over your curves, while straps and ruched details provide light support as needed.

Track your set online

When you purchase a bohemian two-piece set, the shipping charge is automatically removed during checkout. There are no coupon codes or thresholds to enter or keep track of.

You can monitor your purchase progress on our website. The status will be updated as your set is prepared for shipping. Within several business days, expect it to change to “Shipped” along with a delivery reference number from our carrier.

Depending on your country of residence, please allow 1-3 weeks for your duo to be delivered. We hope you will find it as enchanting as the journey it goes on to reach you.

Pick your bohemian matching set and picture yourself strolling through an open-air market or dining alfresco. Our garments, crafted to collect compliments, will take you there.


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