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Women’s boho sunglasses and jewelry: Add personality to any outfit

If you’re attached to the eclectic charm of boho mix-and-match styling, you can have so much fun accessorizing your looks! Just like garments that are all about comfort and good vibes, our bohemian-chic jewelry gives you the freedom to define fashion on your own terms. True to the style, Terra of Heaven’s modern boho jewelry is a statement of individuality, femininity, and personal flair. 

This collection includes many nature-inspired and ethnic pieces – such as the Cassiopeia Set – and different elements from around the world handcrafted using exquisite techniques. Unlike mass-produced items, these creations add another layer of versatility and self-expression to your outfits. They open a myriad of wearing options and opportunities to explore your creative and playful side.

Throw in some fun with boho-chic sunglasses and jewelry

The reason this free-spirited style’s popularity has not waned for decades is that none of its elements have to be used in specific proportions. You just have fun combining and changing these up in whatever way feels good or brings out your personality. It’s time to be the designer of your style!

With varying layers and amounts of material, texture, color, and pattern, nothing has to match or meet any standards. This is why our bohemian-chic jewelry is easy to wear and enjoy – and is never out of fashion.

Are you clueless about where to start? It can be a single statement piece like a fringed necklace, hoop earrings, or Dafne Sunglasses to bring the boho vibe into any everyday outfit. If you think you are more adventurous, create a distinctly bohemian style and indulge to your heart’s content in:

  • • Tassel or feather earrings

  • • Coined or layered necklaces

  • • Headbands

  • • Bohemian-style sunglasses

  • • Bracelets

  • • Body chains

  • • Arm cuffs and anklets

The best part of this aesthetic? You can overindulge if you feel like it. That’s an inherent part of accessorizing boho-style.

More is more in bohemian fashion and jewelry

Nothing can jazz up an outfit like a well-placed accessory (or a few). Our bohemian-style jewelry takes the “drab to fab” concept to yet another level with intentional layering, stacking on bracelets and rings, and bold over-accessorizing.

Feel free to mix multiple bracelets and rings or wear necklaces of varying lengths. You can also complete your looks with:

  • • Chunky bangles

  • • Wooden or metal cuffs

  • • Beaded, turquoise, and shell jewelry

  • • Curling, twisted, and fringed motifs

  • • Geometric and asymmetrical pieces

Styling with such daring combinations can turn a basic look into a piece of art and add tons of personality to your comfy everyday essentials without breaking the bank. Bohemian fashion jewelry is that magic realm where over-accessorizing is not a fail – it’s a highlight feature and the way to make the most of what you have.

If an over-accessorized look is not your thing, pick Terra of Heaven’s jewelry pieces and sunglasses that resonate with you most and use them sparingly. Enjoy experimenting with fun add-ons to boost your confidence and joy and embrace your inner bohemian.


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